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Old Profile from my Uni Days… will update with a fresh one when I get time…

Hi! Name’s Rishikesh Chhabra. Friends call me Rish. I hail from Burma, am currently reading electronics engineering at Assumption University, Thailand. Education wise, I am interested in alternative and renewable energy systems and plan on pursuing a career in that field. I was involved in setting up an English language student newspaper in my uni, and ran the thing as Editor-in-Chief, for about a year. I still retain a strong interest in journalism.

Right now, my two main activities are debating (I am a varsity debater and founding member of the AU debate society) and AYF (Asian Youth Forum), an undergraduate level youth network, where I serve as Secretary General. I am also in the midst of setting up a technology club here at AU. I also support open source, and am currently working on creating a Burmese version of Linux, with several colleagues.

I am an avid reader, and have a voracious appetite for information. I guess you could call me an info-junkie. In my spare time, I craft poetry, and do a bit of doodling now and then; mainly pencil sketches – portraits and landscapes are my thing, though I prefer to use water color for the latter.

I cannot really say that I like computers, though they have an eerie way of creeping into my life. I must admit though that I have a knack for understanding the highly unstable critters and speak several versions of their dialects – this I am not very proud of; I’d much rather add one more human language to my paltry list of four (English, Hindi, Burmese, Punjabi). Top on my wish list would be Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

Let’s see…sports! I used to do a bit of rock climbing, though crag crawling would be a more accurate description of what I used to do. My fav de-stressing activity would be Roller Bladin’, though I used to play soccer, and tennis when I was younger and financed by mom and dad. I also love dancing, and actually took the time to learn it properly – Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Foxtrot, that sort of thing; right now, looking into club dances, and freeform stuff.

I am not a loner, but I wouldn’t really call myself a gregarious individual. Sure, I do go out, and have a large circle of friends, but mostly I prefer to keep my own council.

That doesn’t mean though that I don’t share my opinions. On the contrary, I am probably a very opinionated individual and will readily share my advice on a wide range of subjects to whoever would care to listen! That should already be obvious from the fact that I am making a personal website – dedicated to myself.

You are of course welcome to disagree on any issue or view that I may have on any subject. As long as the discussion is academic, I am willing to debate it and defend my position. In real life though, I am willing to compromise – and you will too, once you get a gf.

Which brings me to the point, if you are fem – yes I am available, if you aren’t – I am a heterosexual, if you are my former gf – well…umm… I am available, true, but I haven’t actually been lookin’…


Thoughts executed becomes action, actions repeated, becomes habit; habits over time develop into character, character plays a big role in shaping your destiny. Be deliberate and not hasty or worse thoughtless in your daily work and choose your actions carefully because it defines your character and shapes your life

– Rishikesh C. 18th Feb 2012.

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