Dar Har Chit Te Lar (An Open Love Letter)

Tis one in the morning. I am sitting in front of the comp, reminiscing about today. Listening to “A Chit Nat Kaung Kin” by Alex on MIRN Internet Radio. Note that “Kg Ma Lay Kyite Tal So Pee (Live)” by Sai Sai is still hogging the No 1 Spot. My fav Zaw Win Htut’s A Hnin Mat is still holding on at No 7. Looks like I ain’t the only one that thinks this song is special. God how I miss you Chit. That fleeting glimpse on the net today on messenger made my heart miss a beat. Ghosts in the Machine…

Looking at your smiling face shyly looking back at me through the glass frame on my desk. When will I see you again my love? From the first moment that I became aware of my feelings for you, I knew that we were meant to be, that you were the one. They are playing “Nout Sone A Chit” by Ringo and Sithu Lwin now. Must be a good sign. Chit Sone Lay, what are you doing right now? Come into my dreams lay. I shall wait for you.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams,

Luv, Ko

PS. They are playing “Dar Har Chit Te Lar” now…if this be true love, I accept it with all my heart. Hugs n Kisses