Missing You

I miss your sweet smile

Your gentle manners

Your lovely tinkling voice

That accompanies your giggling candor

And yes even those silly tantrums

With which you hide your angelic demeanor

That too I miss so very much

Your cheerfulness, your beautiful niceties

Is slowly growing on me,

Breath by breath, whisper by whisper

And when you lay your petite hands in mine

My heart soars,

Like a thousand million singing stars

You are the root, Oh! Love of my life

Of my happiness and my delights

You are the bliss, the soft innocent kiss

Of the morning dew, that greets each dawn

You are an angel, the answer to my prayers,

My darling, I fear it’s all a dream

You are the one, the only one I need

To make my life simply complete

And I miss you, like I never missed ever before

So when I wake up, let me know that you are there,

That this is real, and not a fantasy…

I miss you.