The Traditional Indian Massage

Funny thing today.

Went this evening to a local clinic. I had back-pain so one of the staff
recommended a traditional Indian clinic. Its an Aryuvedic Yoga
Center. Went in this evening as I had made an appointment with them
there. The place had the smells you find in a temple – camphor,
burning sandalwood and a mix of herbal oils. Indian ladies in shining
flowing silk saris roamed the halls. I was taken right to the very
end – where a very dark very large man with an even bigger mustache
was waiting – wearing a towel. You can imagine how I was feeling!!!
Whew! I was like, Rish, what have you gotten yourself into this time.

The guy smiled and then said…sir please take off your clothes! I
had to strip to my birthday suit and then was given a small strip of
white cloth to wear – a langoti. Sigh. Then comes the torture.
Herbal oil kneaded into my hair. Then all over my body. It was 45
minutes of pain therapy. By the end of it I looked like a slippery
oily sausage. Then headed to a bathroom where they had a special
paste to remove the oil – herbs again! After a leisurely 15 minute
bath I change back into my former self and walk out of the center. I
am walking on air, feeling very clean and relaxed – even a bit sleepy.

Should have hit the sack.

But Alas, there is a delivery today. So Back to the Office. As soon
as I got back and sat in my chair facing the computer – I discover
something anew. The back pain is gone – but now my neck is starting
to hurt. All the stress comes back in 5 minutes flat, like turning
the key to the floodgates of a dam. I just laughed at myself and at
the whole irony of the situation.

I have come to the conclusion that the best way is to find time to
exercise regularly. Maybe jog or something.