An Evening in Melbourne

The smoky aroma of coffee
Wafts across the open streets of Lygon
Night stretches and unveils its spell
As we discourse over hot chocolates

So it is, that veils of wariness, pulls away
One by one, day by day,
As inevitably strangers become friends
Even as we laugh over our idiosyncrasies

Ribaldry, alternates with the profound
Ah! Thou art debaters, nay, fence you shall
With thee, but, come not, least you can hold your space,
A quick wit and a lightning stroke, to parry and pry

As we descend back to the mortal realm,
The warmth of the Bunsen flame, do so
Contrast sharply with the cold of the night
The crowds get thinner and soon we are amongst
The last of the stragglers, left at the café

Strolling down the street
We wax philosophical about life and the like
As the sharp icy winds of Melbourne
Slices through the exposed surfaces of our beings

Another day, another night
Soon we do say goodbye
At the foyer at Ormond
At the cab which stops at Wadham

So much to say, so little time
My dear friend,
But not goodbye…

© Rishikesh Chhabra [5th August 2002]