Books Worth Reading – Foundation – Isaac Asimov : Book review at Goodreads

Foundation – the very best of Asimov. The entire series span a Galactic epoch and Asimov spins a vast tapestry of interwoven characters that draws you in and before you know it, you are spellbound, mesmerized by the lives of each protagonist.

You find yourself rooting for them and at times identifying with their struggles and triumph. That, more than anything else, speaks volumes about the authors mastery of the storytelling — you read a science fiction story and yes expect what sci-fi delivers, what lies in the realm of future possibilities.

What keeps you however is the human interest angle and the small details of their lives amid the backdrop of the entire universe: the grandeur and vastness is bold and imaginative, worthy of an author of his caliber, but never are you alienated by it, for it is the touching attention to detail and his very firm grasp of human social nuances that reels you in, thirsting for more.