Ergo Mi Amor

And there she was
Across the ocean
Standing proudly
With that serene smile
Which won my heart, time and again

She is my Angel, My Shining Star,
An ephemeral epiphany in my life
That grew as we both nurtured it,
Into an everlasting paradise

She is the rock, the steadfast
The blissful anchor that gave me light
Yet it is her very being, that inspires me,
To soar to greater heights
And touch the velvety sky

For she resides in that rarified realm,
A star in her own rights,
My darling angle, tell me that
You shine for me tonight, and the nights to come
Until the day, we bid this earth goodbye

My guardian, my very best friend,
The love of my life, and the essential good,
That permeates my being

Let me be the one to walk besides you
To hold you and carry you
In the hour of your need
To smile and laugh with you
When you are happy and pleased
What I would give, to be with you
Oh my Darling, Save that last dance for me

© Rishikesh Chhabra [20th July 2002]