First Love

A pledge that first grew, when the moon shone her light
A bird that first flew, from that dizzying height
A zephyr that caressingly blew, on its wings at night

The padauk – that first bloom – what a delightful sight
Oh summer, hot gloom – Exeunt – youthful pride

When the heavens cried
For the very first time
And raindrops fell
On that dry parched land
The warm earth sighed
The air cool; I pine
Sweet Exotic smell
Golden, Scented, Silken

Her soul – exquisite; like magic and art
With love – that first smile – That gently soaked my heart

And with a shrug and a toss of a head, Melted… through… my life…

© Rishikesh Chhabra [1st July 1997 – 30th/31st Aug 1997 ]