Happy Teachers Day!

A happy Teachers day to all my mentors, young and old alike that I have learned from as I grow (hopefully) wiser through the learning provided.

A happy Teachers day to each and everyone that has helped me along my journey as I discovered dance and grow and revel in it. Dance has opened up a completely, delightfully unexpected chapter in my life and allowed me to grow in directions I never dream’t possible.

To my students, every time I teach you I learn something new myself. To all the incredibly talented dancers and instructors I have met in various congresses during my journey as a dancer — thank you for sharing your talent and time with us and for never holding back when I sought individual feedback.

To my earliest dance partner Kiran Pereira, thank you for being there with me as we discovered Salsa. To Cyrille N. — your passion was my earliest inspiration.

To Shweta, Ranjani, Satyaki and Irisha for being patient with me as I grilled you guys on what makes an incredible follow. To Sneha Kapoor, Minoti Ramachandra, Kirthi Kishore — I will never forget just how gracious you were to me when I was a beginner and still struggling to lead.

A special thanks to Kirthi Kishore again — I still recall how every dance we had in the socials, I would get gentle corrective feedback reinforced by a positive, inspiring comment on my dancing — it allowed me to hang in there through the worse struggles I went through as a beginner (there were days…I’d rather not remember).

Finally last but not least, thank you Alex Diaz — you are the inspiration, the reason why I got serious about Salsa and continue to spread the unique Furor way. I still remember the day me, Pradeep, Kiran, Shibu and a bunch of others walked into Spinn and discovered what Awesome Salsa looked like. Suffice to say, I have never looked back since.

— With Warm Regards, Rish