Kisses for my Princess

Kindness my lovely Highness
Always Shines
Radiates through your
Indelible soul, and
Nevermore shall we part, for
Although we are far
– You are Evermore in my Heart!

Many days and even more Nights
Many hours and countless seconds
Every way that Reason would render
Every path that Seasons had send us

Any mail that passes through yonder
Any rain that pitters and patters
Whether I…, would come and get her
Whether mine, does she still matter,

Sunny days, coming Remember…
Sunny smile will greet this sender

Hugging her that she in my Arms
Telling her that to me she matters
Somewhere there is a breezy calm, yes
Something tells me that ‘We’ is Forever

© Rishikesh Chhabra [19 September 2001 ]