Light a Million Candles

Light a Candle and Help Eradicate Child Pornography

As awareness campaigns go this one is brilliant! Hats off to the folks that took the time and effort to put this together: There is so much ugliness in this world that is caused by the choices that individual humans take in their daily affairs – but probably nothing is worse than willfully subjecting our young to such depravities, taking away from them what is their birthright: a carefree upbringing full of wonderful choices. As we light this virtual candle in cyberspace, let us also light a candle in our hearts, minds and souls and awaken our slumbering lethargic apathetic conscience. Let us take a moment to reflect upon all the things we can, and should do to make this world a better place for generations to come. Evil triumphs when good people stand by and do nothing – apathy is an unacceptable choice. Awaken, engage and arise my brothers and sisters – and let us change this world for we have the power.