On Generosity

If there is one goal we should ALL have on our new year resolution – it is to be Generous. Generosity doesn’t have to be about money – it is an attitude, a mindset backed by concrete action. So that’s my most important resolution for this year. Growing up I have always been a generous soul, something I can happily say is the result of how my parents brought me up. Over the years thou, living alone, that slowly, without me realizing, eroded, layer by layer, and looking back, I am not happy about that.

When Bhrama gave his instructions to his children, to the Devas and Asuras, he said Restrain and Mercy (Damyata and Dayadhvam). To us the Men and Women of this abode, he instructed that we be generous (Dana) http://www.businessinsider.com/what-the-story-of-an-acciden… – Happy New Year and a very good night folks!!!