On life and everything else in between
Thoughts executed becomes action, actions repeated become habit, habits over time develop into character,  character plays a big role in shaping your destiny. Be deliberate and not hasty or worse thoughtless in your daily work and choose your actions carefully because it defines your character and shapes your life“.  — Rishikesh C.
You can change your life one habit at at time.
What does it take to break a bad habit and acquire good ones? Massive doses of discipline! However it is easier that we think. Just keep trying step by step every single day and before you know it, you will have acquired new ones.
Addendum:  Day 30. A milestone. Arrived in Mumbai this morning, despite a rollicking ride on the bus, managed to snatch some decent REM. Had a light b’fast on the road and brunch at a friend’s wedding place. Stuffed tawa paranthas with curd and chai. A fitting way to celebrate with the simple pleasures of life with good friends by your side. The journey continues but the path remains clear.